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Pilates Platinum is excited to share with you. Written by self proclaimed Pilates addict Monika Tournaud, a regular at our studios, who kept fit during her pregnancy by regularly doing spx Pilates, biking, walking, or whatever kept her moving. Monika was on the reformer doing “scrambled eggs” just a few days before giving birth to her beautiful and healthy baby girl, Avery.

Thanks to her healthy diet, regular exercise, and listening to her body, Monika had a great delivery and was able to get back into her favorite pilates studio 10 days after giving birth. Pretty amazing when the common myth is, “I’m pregnant, I’m going to eat everything I want, and do absolutely nothing.” Tournaud didn’t follow this school of thought. She believed in a FitPregnancy, because “A happy mommy is a happy baby.” 

How happy is your body after eating a greasy fast food combo? Not too much. Why would your pregnant body be any different was Tournaud’s thinking. The same when it comes to exercise. Don’t you get an amazing high after you finish pilates class? Why give up the rush when you’re pregnant? With proper modifications and doctor’s approval, being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up what makes you happy and keeps you healthy.

Having a FitPregnancy also means, after the joyous occasion comes, your body is better prepared to handle the Postpartum. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Taking care of yourself during those months will help when the lil one is here, and you’re trying to feel like yourself again, while trying to find some time to sneak in some zzz’s.

Monika was inspired by all the questions she got during her pregnancy, and decided to create a space where women could come together where there was no judgement, only empowerment, and was born. Touranud has only been doing this for a few months, but is on the move with a BurnThis ambassadorship and as well as sponsoring challenges on the app. We did a lil Q & A to learn more about this wonder woman.  

Q: What inspired you to start your own blog?

A: I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but working in the corporate world doesn’t leave you much time for blogging. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I continued working out and doing Pilates well into my pregnancy. Actually, my last class was at 38 weeks, and I gave birth at 39 weeks. 

I’ve had so many women reach out to me asking my  “secret” to a fit pregnancy, and then postpartum. I finally took the time out of busy mommy life and created MomEtc. What inspired me to start the blog is all the women I have come in contact through my journey. I wanted to create a place where there is no judgment, bullying or embarrassment. Just a place for all to come together. 

Q:Coming from a fitness modeling background, what kept you in shape?  Are you following those same habits now?  What is different in your active lifestyle now, than before? Why?

A: Fit & fitness modeling was awesome and paid for school. But the amount of stress which came with it, is something you don’t expect. When a client hired me at times for a contract up to a year or two, they hire you as you are. Meaning you have to stay a certain size/shape for as long as you are hired to do the work. I kept myself in shape by hiking A LOT. Runyon Canyon and I were BFF’s, seeing each other 4-5 times a week. 

I tried eating healthy and making sure my diet didn’t change much. Since I’m no longer in the fit modeling business, I tend to do more than I ever have. This is because there is no one telling me my legs are getting too big, or too skinny or my waist is whatever adjective you want to use. I tend to push myself harder, and developing a lot more muscle tone. Which before, I couldn’t really improve on, once I signed a contract. ☺

Q: What kept you coming back to Pilates Platinum?

A: One of the very first times I came to Pilates Platinum was at the Hollywood location. I fell in love the very first time I came. Sure it was expensive, but my mentality was, “I could give up a happy hour or two a week, and spend it on something which will keep on giving years to come.”

I loved how I felt, and after a few times, I was able to see a difference hiking or running would never give me. Going to the gym was never really an option for me. I like someone motivating me throughout my workout. 

Q: Why do you think Pilates (Platinum) is great for pregnant woman and post pregnancy, “getting your body back?”

A: Well I am biased, because it has worked wonders for me in more ways than just the physical appearance. I always tell my friends who became pregnant and never did Pilates before, “It’s probably not the best idea to try new things.”

But for pregnant women who have been doing Yoga and Pilates prior to being pregnant, it’s the best thing you can do for you and the baby. I got so much energy after my workouts when I was pregnant. Let’s be frank, you need something to give you an extra “kick” in the 3rd trimester. 

Doing Pilates consistently helped with the weight gain during pregnancy. I ended up gaining a total of 23 pounds. A lot of women look down on working out during pregnancy. I think it’s an old-fashion way of thinking. Somehow you’re harming the baby, when in fact, “Happy Mommy=Happy Baby.”

I had so many women asking me if my baby was super small or were stunned I was about to give birth due to my small belly. You could still see my obliques during my pregnacy. I ignored the comments, and kept doing what I thought was the best for my baby and me. Which brings me to postpartum Pilates.  

I think most women who give birth, myself included, become so confused with our feelings and emotions and the mere fact we are mothers. Some women tend to fall into postpartum depression and it can be very scary. I feel working out helped me a lot with Postpartum Depression. It was almost like you were fight through your feelings, and the rollercoaster of emotions by powering through a tough workout. Getting all the anxiety and worries out. 

For me it was one hour a day, where nothing else matters. I get out of my own head. Its just me and the reformer, and of course one of the rockin instructors and 11 other people. Ha ha!  

Q: What are three fun facts about you and your blog?

A: 1) To start it, I ended up learning coding and taking a SEO short course. I never needed to hire a computer guy, and could do most things by myself. 

2) The blog is for all women, not just mommies.

3) Sharing my findings through trial and error, with all the women out there, gives me pure fulfillment no money can buy.

Q: How do you motivate yourself to class on the days you aren’t feeling like working out?

A: I’ve had days where it would be easier to log into my MindBody account, and hit cancel. I have done it a few times here and there. For the most part, the thought of being a mom inspires me to get up and go to class 3-4 times a week. Even though sometimes I don’t want to go initially, I always feel better once I leave. I have so much more energy afterwards to tackle a busy day taking care of a baby, the house, working and of course, writing for MomEtc.  

Q: What are some popular trends you have seen come and go, simply do not work (in the mom world, fitness world, business world, etc)?

A: I would say the trend which doesn’t work, whether in business, fitness or mom world is women competing with other women. Instead, we should be empowering one another. It’s another reason why I started my blog, and have successfully been featuring weekly “Wonder Woman.” I want to show the world it doesn’t always have to be just about “you.” Uplifting another woman is a privilege, and should be done more often in our society.

Q: What items are always within an arms reach?

A: My daughter! HA ToeSoxs always close by, just in case I can squeeze an extra class in here and there. Also, a phone since I’m always working on the go.

A: What is your life mantra?

A: Everyday I try and wake up with a positive mindset. I take a second to think what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. I think the more we start thinking life is a blessing, the more it will seem like it.

We love it! It’s all about contributing to a better community, and as Monika show’s it really does start with one person. Check out her blog or catch her on instagram for inspiration 

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